Best Massage Chair Reviews 2017

Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

There you go! Well are you sitting right now? Is it comfortable enough? It might not be that much comfortable as you go ahead and finish reading this article as this is a big one. See that you needed the best massage chair in your home? Don’t worry! We will tell you everything that you need to know about the massage chairs which will help you in deciding the one that you need to go for or should go for. Before we get into the topic which is the best massage chair, let us first talk about the invention of these chairs, the applications, usage and on some other topics.

Best Massage Chair it is! Well are you sitting right now? Is it comfortable enough? It might not be that much comfortable as you go ahead and finish reading this article as this is a big one. See that you needed the best massage chair in your home? Don’t worry! We will tell you everything that you need to know about the massage chairs which will help you in deciding the one that you need to go for or should go for. Before we get into the topic which is the best massage chair, let us first talk about the invention of these chairs, the applications, usage and on some other topics.

Well are you sitting right now? Is it comfortable enough? It might not be that much comfortable as you go ahead and finish reading this article as this is a big one. See that you needed the best massage chair in your home? Don’t worry! We will tell you everything that you need to know about the massage chairs which will help you in deciding the one that you need to go for or should go for. Before we get into the topic which is the best massage chair, let us first talk about the invention of these chairs, the applications, usage and on some other topics.

Our intention is very clear. We want to make sure that this article becomes a one stop solution for every beginner as well as pros on the topic of massage chairs. If you are already a pro, you will find many points useless and unnecessary but those actually are not. Therefore, we request you to cope with us for the time being.

Oh, in case if you do not know what a massage chair is then this paragraph is for you. A massage chair is nothing but a chair that can help your body to get relaxed. Previously, massage chairs were only manual which means that they used to be only chairs that are comfortable where you would sit and a masseuse will do the massage on your body. These days, the idea has changed. Now the massage chairs are good enough to do the whole thing on their own thanks to the modern technology.

Let’s get started with the reviews of the best massage chair units around the globe!

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10 Best Massage Chair Reviews

Now this is the core of this article. In this section, we will talk about 10 best massage chairs that you can go for right now! We did not talk about the ancient ones in this article. There is no point in talking about massage chairs that you cannot buy right now! Therefore, we covered the ones that are currently available in the market and we found the 10 best massage chairs just for you.

Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair1

It is certainly one of the best massage chairs that you can go for! The first one in our list is the Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair from the brand Master Massage. The product has been out there for quite a long time now and it is one of the cheapest massage chairs that you can go for. One big reason that we kept it in our list is because it is dead cheap.

The machine is super comfortable and the built quality is good enough to serve you for long enough. This is not one of those automated giants so you should not expect much from this model. It does not get affected with oil or water which is a good thing. The chair is very lightweight and though you are not supposed to carry it around, you can actually do so if you feel like.

The frame that this model used is aircraft aluminum and it can support weights of up to 1000 lbs which should be more than enough for anybody. Overall, this can be the first choice for you if you are looking for something cheap and if you are a newbie in the world of massage chairs.


Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair from Relaxonchair2

If you know a bit about Shiatsu chairs, you know by now that this chair is not for everybody. On the other hand, if you are looking for a hard core massage chair then this can easily be the perfect solution for your needs.

This massage chair actually offers a lot. Starting from the zero gravity feature, there are tons of unique features that this one is famous for. There is one particular feature worth mentioning. If you go for the zero gravity modes, the chair will actually elevate your feet to the heart level.

From deep tissue massage to the full body stretching, you get everything in this one. There are fixed massage modes (4 massage modes different than each other) for the whole body that are pre-installed in this machine. You can take advantage from those ones too!

You can read about the benefits of Shiatsu Massage & Chair here.

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner3

This product has been the best seller for quite a long time in the massage industry. One big reason behind that is the ability of this one to provide heat therapy both at the front and at the back side. The foot rest will also offer heat therapy which is amazing. The massage chair is primarily a shiatsu model and this one is used professionally in many massage parlors.

The massage chair actually covers your whole body and that is why, this can be your one stop solution in hectic life. There are two different airbags that come with the massage chair (pre-installed) which take care of your forearm area. There are only a few massage chairs out there that massage the forearm too. This is one of those few options.

The only negative that we could find is that this product does not come with any warranty or guaranty features. The company should actually start offering warranty because the product is good enough. Anyway, that is not our concern!

Luxury Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat4

This massage chair actually looks a lot like the previous one that we just talked about. The company is different though. This one is produced by ideal massage which is a new company. The main feature or the highlighted feature of this massage chair is the deep tissue massage. Again, this is another complete solution that can take care of your whole body from toe to the top.

There is a system that asks you whether you want to go for an uninterrupted random five to thirty minute massage or not. Simply select the time that you have and lay down. The massage chair will take you to heaven.

The chair has 3D intelligence which makes sure that the massage does not feel like robotic. There are auto programs that you can select and the chair can recline to any position you want it to. The cost is on the higher end but this is certainly one of the best products that we found available.

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair5

Shiatsu massage chair models look a lot like each other and they also have similar features. This is the reason that we are finding it difficult to talk about them individually. A lot of the things are repetitive. The company who produces this product is the best massage co. and this product is especially designed to solve your pain problems.

If you are someone who is suffering from a neck, toe, back or hip pain, this can be the ideal solution for you. There are different massage methods (obviously) and most of those massages simulate human hands which means that you will feel like a professional human pair of hands are taking care of you.

Another great feature is the OPTO sensor that this product has. This sensor actually makes sure that the chair can identify different shoulder lengths of different people so that you do not have to manually adjust everything if there are more than one users of the chair.

Zero Gravity Space Saving L Track Kahuna Massage Chair6

The product is from the brand Kahuna Massage chair and this one actually got FDA approval to work as a medical device in health clinics if required. Therefore, you can easily understand that the product has enough value. Though we did not see a lot of clinics and hospitals who use this massage chairs anymore, this is still a great choice.

The price is on the higher end but the benefits that you receive are immense. The idea is super simple. Go with this product and forget that you ever had a need for massage chairs. This will take care of each and every part of your body. The auto Yoga stretching function will give you a feel of Yoga. The brand is good and it is reflected in their customer service and warranty features.

The product has a computer based body scan technology which will tell you whether your body is in a perfect condition or not. It will also tell you the massages that are recommended for your needs. Overall, if you do not have a budget issue, you should definitely keep this chair in your list.

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair7

This is a product form Real Relax and the common feature with the previous one is that this one is FDA approved too. Therefore, you can blindly trust the quality and the service that you will receive from the model. The brand Real Relax has been there for quite a long time now and there is hardly any reason to avoid this product.

This complete massage chair is great to look at and the price is reasonable too. Not many people worry about the look of their massage chairs but if you are one of those few who do, you will get a treat!

The chair comes with 3 years of warranty and there are automatic massage programs installed to make your life easier. There are 8 different massage points at the back area. This is a complete solution as we said before. There are around 35 different air bags placed in different places of the massage chairs to give you comfort. All those vibrates and heats when required.

Recliner Sofa Chair Heated with Control Ergonomic Executive Lounge8

This is a heavy chair and does not look great to be honest at the first glance. But there are definite reasons that why we included this chair in our list of the best massage chairs. The first reason is price. This is not a Shiatsu chair by the way. This is a simple massage chair that comes at a low price and serves well on the promises.

The body of this one is not made of pure leather but PU leather which is a bit cheaper. The chair is easy to clean and manage. It has things like foot rest, cup holders, and different pockets to keep things.

The massage modes are fixed though. There are a few different vibration modes that you can go for. You can’t change much. The lower back warmer option is another good feature as that will give comfort to your lower back.

This is something for those who need a budget massage chair. You should not be expecting much at least from this one!

New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-699

The name is a bit weird and the product is weird too in a good way! If you want to go for a cheaper shiatsu model then this can be a great pick for you. It is tough to find cheap shiatsu models out there and this is definitely something that you should have in your list if you want to get a cheap but good model.

There is a rolling feature that just goes up and down. The kneadling feature helps in reducing your muscle pain which is another good feature. The power rollers are another great feature to have as it will relax your muscle stress along with keeping you active and calm.

The other regular benefits of using a Shiatsu massage chair will all be there in this one too!

Compact Kahuna Massage Chair10

This product is also known as the Hani2200 Brown. The reason is the brownish color that it has. The massage chair has a unique look into it which is different than most other massage chairs that you see. It is the shape to be honest.

We reviewed a Kahuna chair a while ago in this same article. This is totally different than that one. This is a light and interesting model to go for. The chair has a 3D circle motion roller which makes sure that all parts of your body get equal attention.

The controllers are manual and you have to manually either turn or on off each function. That is not a big negative though.

The Bluetooth connection along with the 3D premium surrounding definitely adds value. Overall, this is a fun one to go for!

Invention of Massage Chairs

Do you need to know about the inventions of massage chairs to find out the best massage chair around you? Well, you do not and we all know that. Even though, the story is super interesting and we did not want to miss it out. Therefore, let’s take a quick ride on the invention of massage chairs.

The first massage chair that was ever built on earth was by a company called the Living Earth Crafts. They used to experiment with these types of topics in their research lab. The experiment to build the first massage chair started at around 1980s by a group of people from the famous massage school, ‘The Amma Institute’. The company that we just mentioned is a company owned by this same school so it was an in house project.

They kept on researching but faced a ton of problems. You have to understand that the world was obviously, not digitalized back then. The first kneeling type chair was developed at around 1979 so that itself was a new thought. The Amma Institute later stated that they took a lot of ideas from the kneeling chair that was invented just before they started their research on massage chairs.

We will not bother you with technical terms but yes, the process went on. A lot of cabinet makers, carpenters came in to join the party because the basic massage institution was not enough to produce something like this. Within three years, the company started to build prototypes. The first two prototypes were big failures but they managed to make things right on the third go.

The third and the final prototype were built in 80s and the company immediately knew that this was the solution. The researchers kept on researching for the next few years and within 1986, the company was ready o distribute their massage chairs.

Initially, the company sent around 38 chairs to different massage schools around the world. One very interesting thing happened during this. The schools who received the massage chairs didn’t know what to do with those as they didn’t see anything like those before. Therefore, the researchers had to go with the chairs to teach them on how to use these massage chairs.

It was never a tough entrepreneurial journey. The product was good from the first go and as the inventors already had super high connections in the world of massage industry, it was easy for them to distribute their products.

Within 90s, the massage chairs were available everywhere including the regular shops up to the massage schools. The mother company sold a lot of licenses but they also kept on their massage chair certificate coaching program going. Sounds super interesting, isn’t it?

The company did not hold exclusive rights to the patent. They made sure that all companies can join the game as they were not into business and thought of this as a noble cause. By the way, we forgot to tell you the names behind the world’s first massage chairs. The two people who took the initiative for the research and finally ended up building the first massage chair were Jim Everett and David Tinkering. Unfortunately, Jim passed away a few years back but the creator is still there working for a giant massage chair company. We are not going to mention the name as we do not want you to get biased.

Types of Massage Chairs

There are different types of massage chairs. In this website, we will mostly be talking about the basic massage chair which is the traditional one. Yes, this is the one that we all imagine whenever we think about massage chairs. These are the complete solutions. Even though, let’s have a quick look at the different types of massage chairs available around.

Based on Building Material

The first differentiation is based on the building material. There are different models with different ingredients and the price along with the quality heavily varies from product to product. The most common ones that we find around are made of either leather, synthetic leather or with vinyl. Apart from these, there are some massage chairs which are made of plastic (the hard ones) and there are also some massage chairs in Saudi Arabia that are built with gold and platinum! We will stick to the basic ones as they are good enough for your body.

The basic idea is simple. If you want to go for a leather based massage chair, it will cost you the most and you will have to maintain it the most. Therefore, the leather made ones became premium choices in most cases. The more common ones in the market are the vinyl and the synthetic leather versions. Those are quite easy to manage and those are also available everywhere.

Power or Manual

As you can understand from the name, you have to decide whether you want to go for a manual model or a power based one. Obviously, the power based models are the one that we highlight in this website as they are now cheap and they give you the most in terms of comfort and benefit. But the manual ones still exist in the world and those mostly work with lever or similar functional tools.

Targeting Body Parts

You have to understand that whether you want to go for a complete massage chair or something that serves only a part of your body. The complete massage chairs will serve your whole body where there are different massage chairs to massage your leg or even foot. There are some massage chairs dedicated to shoulder only as that is a vital point. Depending on your needs, you will select either a complete massage chair or a specific need based one!

Shiatsu, Air or Vibration Based Chair

The Shiatsu massage chairs are definitely not for everyone. These are not that comfortable for most people as they go inside and try to massage your core tissues. These come with tons of benefits though but most people do not go for the Shiatsu models because of the aggressive nature of those.

The regular air massage is probably the lightest among all as you will not feel any pain while you are taking massage from an air massage chair. If you have serious pain in your body and are looking for a massage chair to cure, air massage chair should not be your solution.

The vibration based ones are the most common ones. They are basically a combination of air and vibration that gives you relaxation and comfort. The vibration based massage chairs will slowly move your blood and toxin from inside the body and the experience is heavenly no matter how many times you take the massage. Also, these are the massage chairs that you find on malls!

Benefits of a Massage Chair

There are tons of benefits of a good massage chair. Obviously, benefit is the only reason that you will go for one of those and if the benefit is not worthy enough, there is no point in spending your money to a high tech item like massage chair. In this section of the article, we will try to have a clear look at the benefits of having a massage chair at your home.

A Health Problem Solver

The heading may create confusions so let us clear it out that what a massage chair can do for your health. According to a survey done by the American Massage Therapy Association, you can actually stay free from back pain if you take one massage every week of your back. On another note, it is not an easy task to make time and go for a massage parlor in our busy schedule. What should we do then? You know the answer. Massage chairs are a great solution against back pain and it is also good for pain in your legs or shoulder. These are very common places where we face pain issues. With the introduction of tools such as laptop and cell phone, it is a common affair to have back pain or waist pain. Almost half of the people in USA alone have some sort of pain in body. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you are not one of them in some point of your life; it is always wise to start early.

Builds Up Your Body

We all want to have that muscled up and proper body. It is tough to have one though and unfortunately, the massage chairs won’t help you in building muscles. What it will do is to relax your body and whether you agree or not, that helps a lot. When you are relaxing your body with the help of a massage chair, the workout experience will be much nicer once you go for it the next time. Even if you do not work out or are not interested to build up your body, the massage chairs help you to relax your skin of the outer part of your body. This helps you to have a nice posture and also to have a standard physic. Remember, we are not talking about six or eight packs here. If you want to go for a standard healthy built up body then the massage chairs are going to help you to achieve that.

Prevents Body Pain

One of the biggest reasons that everyone should go for a massage chair is the protection against the body pain. Body pain is something that we all face in one point of the week. May be we work too hard, maybe we play too hard or even for sleeping long hours, we all feel that body pain inside and to make sure that you can get rid of the pain naturally without any medicine, massage chairs can be an awesome solution. We have seen people get body pains even because of sleeping too much or because of taking a long nap so you can possibly get  pain from almost anything around.

To make sure that you can heal from that pain within a few minutes with a lot of comfort, the best idea would be to go for a massage chairs.

There is another angle to look at it though. There are lots of people who face regular pains and they simply take a painkiller and then go to the regular work. This happens a lot alone in United States. A recent study showed that more than 50% of people buy and take painkillers without consulting anything with the doctors. Taking medicines should never be the solutions when you have other options and that is where a massage chair can play big roles.

Even if you do not have pain in your body, a massage chair can ensure that you do not have any, ever! That is a bold promise to make and the benefit is extreme. Therefore, you should make sure that you at least consider buying a massage chair at least for the sake of being safe in the long run.

Calms You Down

A so called best massage chair will always help you to calm down. Whether you are already relaxed or nervous, a massage chair helps to make things a bit more right every single time. We as human beings do not stay mentally and physically fit for longer periods. We are vulnerable and it is important that you have a fresh mind every single day. How can you ensure that it happens?

Well, one of the major methods is by using a massage chair. A massage every day with your massage chair may not sound amazing at the very beginning but it has serious impact if you really think about it. The good machines or medicines never let you feel that you are using something special. That theory applies on massage chairs too. They are so good that if you continue to take one massage each day, you will turn out to be a calmer person.

Makes you Active

This might sound contradictory to the previous point. Can a calmer person be more active in life with the help of the same tool? Yes, he or she can and it is not a tough task to do so! With a relaxed mind, you get a relaxed body which is ready to do more tasks every day. It is not like that a massage chair will change the overall lifestyle of yours. It is just a massage chair at the end of the day. What it will do is that it will make sure that you have a perfect body and mind ready to take actions whenever needed. That is the only thing you need to be more active.

You will not be feeling lazy and sleepy after the massages are done! If you have experience with massages, you know that we feel super relaxed at the time of massage but as soon as we are done, it is a different experience. You get to receive that experience once in every day if you go for a massage chair.

How to Choose The Best Massage Chair

Now this is the go to section that you should be aware of. If you do not know how to choose a massage chair, there is no way that you will be able to find the best massage chair from the huge list of items. It is tough itself to find the massage chair that will serve your purposes. On top of that, if you do not know which criterion to focus on, life will be even tougher for you.

We tried but couldn’t include everything in this section of the article. We included the major ones and we think these are enough for your needs. After all, we do not need to tell you that you should select a massage chair that goes with your color choice. You will do that automatically. We made sure that we touch the important points so that you do not have to lose money overtime. Let’s start!

Know the Type of Massage Chairs

The first task for you to find the best massage chair is to know the type. To know the type of massage chair that you will need, you first need to figure out your needs and requirements. Are you going to get a massage chair just for regular fun and to keep your body fit and calm? If that is the case then you will need a vibration based massage chair which is the most common one. Are you looking to be posh and show off your massage chair by keeping it in the frontal area of your house? In those cases, you might nleather-based based massage chair.

If your doctor has recommended you to go for a massage chair, ask your doctor that which type will suit your condition the most. The doctor will tell you the type in that case. Remember, it is very important that you find the right type of massage chair for your needs because otherwise the whole money and time will be wasted. The best massage chair varies from person to person. Someone who has a neck problem will find a neck massage or a total massage chair the best one where someone else with foot problem will have no use of that. Therefore, take your time and select the one that serves you the most.


The next thing which will determine whether a massage chair is the best massage chair or an ordinary one is the comfort feature of it. If the massage chair is not comfortable, there is no way that you can go for it no matter how beneficial it is. Yes, there is an exception though which you should keep in mind. There is a type of massage chair known as the Shiatsu massage chairs. These give you pain and at times even lift you up to a few inch from the chair as these massage chairs directly hits your nervous system and tissues (obviously for your benefits). Unless you are going for one of the Shiatsu models, you should always look for comfort in a massage chair.


The next thing to look for when you are buying a massage chair is the motors. The idea is simple. If the massage chair that you are buying has motors that work independently then you will be receiving strong massage. The powers will be distributed evenly to all the motors and therefore, all will give you equal comfort. On the other hand, there are massage chairs with one or two motors that control everything. Those are not bad but you will not be receiving as strong massage compared to the independent massage chairs.


There are misconceptions about this part and that is why we thought it is important to clear this part out. Always remember that though you know how to operate smart phones and touch tech machines, a massage chair should always be simple to manage. The reason is because when you will be using the massage chair, you want your brain to relax as well as your body. If you have to use complex buttons and machines at the time of relaxing, your body will never be able to go to that relaxed state.

You might say that you do not feel trouble when you are using complex buttons and tech stuff but your brain actually does. You do not realize this but the brain faces complex situations and it hinders the process of getting relaxed. Therefore, when you are buying a massage chair, always look for the one that is easy to manage technically.


The next thing to think about is the pricing factor. Price has a lot to do when it comes to anything. It does not really matter whether you are rich or poor, we all want good value for the money that we spend. Whether you are a rich person or not; you will not want to spend more than what a product deserves. There is nothing much to say about the pricing of the massage chairs. Massage chairs are generally well priced. Yes, if you are going for the big brands then you will have to face the extra brand value. On the other hand, if you are going for the leather made massage chairs; you will again have to face the extra cost for that. The cheapest one to go for is the vibration and air models. Think about your needs and then decide which one will fit your requirements. There is one small suggestion that we want to offer though. Make sure that you never go for a cheap product trying to save a bit of money! That is a suicide.

After Service

This topic is not that much important these days as most brands now offer quality after services. There is a method to find out whether a brand is actually good or not! Simply have a look at their after sales and customer services supports. If you see that those departments are active and doing well, you will have to understand that the company is a good one. On the other hand, if you see that the after services are not good enough, you should avoid this product no matter how good the quality looks like! Also, have a look at the warranty and the guaranty that you get with the products. Yes, it is that simple.

Final Thoughts

Always take your time before deciding if you are actually looking for the best massage chair. Obviously, you know by now that everyone promises the best in the market and it is a tough task to figure out which is the actual best massage chair from those many options. There is a saying that if you are an educated consumer, you will always end up being the winner. We wish the best for you.