Benefits of a Shiatsu Massage Chair

shiatsu massage chair

Interested to know about the benefits of a Shiatsu massage chair? Well you came to the perfect place. We are going to now talk about the five most important benefits that a Shiatsu massage chair can offer you. Let’s see, shall we?

shiatsu massage chair

Feels Like Hands

Massage chairs are simply everywhere these days.  Although these chairs have been around since the early 50’s, It isn’t until a few years ago that they’ve become really popular.  The reason?  High stress levels in the average person.  There are many different types of massage chairs.  A few years back, due to lack of funds, I even employed the use of a back massage cushion, which I would then use to massage all the other areas of my body where I felt I needed some relief.  It felt pretty good the first time I used it, but using it for a serious massage session was totally out of the question.  After a few minutes of using it, it became evident that it was just a roller going round and round under the cushion, and well, each session made me feel more stressed out than when I first started.  I also got some minor bruising when I decided to really lie down on it for a long time just to feel something.  That happened way back in 2004.  Ever since then I’ve considered massage cushions and massage chairs to be a waste of money and a waste of time.  In my mind’s eye, they will always just be two little rollers going around in circles that I could even use a small bottle and lie down on it and it would produce the same results.

Welcome to The Future

Fast forward to 2016, I’ve seen quite a few improvements on the design of the massage chairs ranging from simple to comfortable looking (like those lazy boy types) to downright ridiculous that they looked like they came right out of the Jetsons.  For the young’uns who’ve never heard of it, this was a futuristic cartoon in the 80s where the gadgets do everything for you, and I can imagine the massage chair would probably be able to brush your teeth and comb your hair as well.  In any case, I guess it all boils down on the design for me.  The Shiatsu Massage Chair, is the one I would recommend.  Not just because I have one, but also because I happen to really enjoy the one that I have right now.  Not to mention I’ve tried many other chairs before.  I guess I was testing to see if we’ve reached that level of technology where we could say it’s worth the cash and the effort to buy one of these massage chairs.


Isn’t Shiatsu Some Kind of Dog?

No, that’s Shih Tzu.  Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means “finger pressure”.  This type of massage has been all the rage in the 80’s and 90’s due to its therapeutic effects on the body.  There are literally thousands of massage salons all over the world offering this kind of massage.  As life goes faster for us that there’s almost no time to rest, the more we look for ways to relieve our stress levels.  Let’s just say that availing of a massage has become a very popular way to relax, enjoy, and relieve stress.

Chair Pressure

The Shiatsu Massage Chair is not your ordinary chair, not even an ordinary massage chair at that.  It’s not just rollers anymore mom, so please get rid of the bottle for me!  Although I assume they’re still in there somewhere, but, just as the word Shiatsu suggests, it feels like real fingers and hands are massaging your body.  Relieving every tension, and loosening every bunched up muscle on your back.  You won’t really feel like there’s anything just rolling around in there.  There’s real pressure applied in the most stressed areas of your body.  Perhaps it’s actually hitting everything, but you’d feel the most pressure where you need it most.  I also noticed that in many parts of this Shiatsu Massage chair, it is using air bags that would expand and release in an systemized yet extraordinarily life-like way.  I can’t say it enough, the massage really feels like hands.  Even on the calves and thighs where the air bag systems really do their job, it’s like real palm pressure kneading out those muscles.

What are your best bets on relieving stress and fatigue?  Happiness and a good night’s sleep, yes sir!  However, these past decade or so, most of us would probably feel really happy if we actually get a good night’s sleep.  Do we even have time to really get a good night’s sleep anymore?  Most of us would wake up in the morning trying to convince ourselves that we’re okay, and that we have enough energy to get through the day, even if we only had a few hours of sleep.  I should know.  When I signed up for my job, I’m pretty sure there was a clause there which says I need to be in front of my laptop 24 hours a day.  Sleep has become an illusion.  I’m just bringing this up of course because it for me, is the best quality the Shiatsu Massage Chair has.  One could actually sleep in the chair especially when it goes on its reclined position.  Just the chair going into the reclining position by itself is already very relaxing for me though I’m not really sure why I feel that way.  Perhaps I’m just talking about myself here, but I think it’s pretty normal to feel really sleepy in 10 minutes or less once the massage function is turned on.  This is not just for relaxation my friend, this is for ultra-happiness, hurray!

Bring Out The Wine Garcon

I said it before, I’ll say it again.  It all boils down to the design.  Not only does the Shiatsu Massage Chair look comfortable, it is actually very comfortable that I could sleep in it even without turning on its massage function.  Despite the low price, the look and feel of the chair rivals that of high priced comfy chair.  It actually looks elegant while employing state-of-the-art technology.  It could sit on your snazzy living room and feel right at home.  Or it could sit in your not-so-snazzy living room, and make your living room snazzi-er.  I hope that’s snazzy enough for you.  As for me I’d rather have it in my bedroom so I can use it anytime I want, but there’s probably not enough space.  Besides, I usually do my work in the living room or the kitchen, so it didn’t take too long to decide that it’s going to be in the living room so everyone can enjoy it, and more importantly, so I can enjoy it.

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