Cleaning a Massage Chair

cleaning your massage chair

Let’s be honest from the beginning. Massage chair is a costly item to buy whether you are rich or poor. You have seen in our best massage chair reviews that good models actually cost a lot of money. Now, though those models come with warranty and other safety features, it is still important to clean your massage chair once in a while. There are lots of reasons behind that. We will look into the details of cleaning a massage chair in this article.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Massage Chair?

We always emphasize on the importance of understanding why you do need to do something. With this understanding, the whole process becomes a lot easier. Anyway, let’s answer the question that why we do need to clean our massage chairs.

The first reason is because of the hygiene issues. You are probably not the only one who is using the massage chair. Even if you are the only one, you will always eject sweat and tissues from your body which will get attached to the massage chair every single time when you use it. This is a big issue because these are small particles that you cannot see. If you do not take immediate actions or at least a cleaning decision once in every month, suddenly you will see that bad smells coming out of the chair which is terrible.

The second reason to clean your massage chair is because of the longevity. Your massage chair will not last forever if you do not clean it once in a while. It is important for any tech or non-tech objects to be cleaned properly following a fixed schedule. For massage chairs, it can be once in every month depending on the usage rate. As massage chairs are made of leather or heavy materials, it is not an easy task to clean those every day. On the other hand, these materials attract dust like crazy. If you do not take actions once in a while, you will suddenly find out that some of the functions of your beloved massage chair are not working anymore. The main problem with dust is that they do not create problems immediately. They are like AIDS that go inside slowly and damages everything at one day. We never want that to happen and therefore, cleaning and most importantly, regular cleaning is a must!

How to Clean a Massage Chair?

It might sound like a tough task to do but it actually is not that tough. You can easily clean your massage chair if you are regular enough because that will reduce your work load. In this section, we will talk about how you can clean your massage chair to the fullest.

Cleaning your massage chair completely depends on the material that the chair is built in. We are talking about the outside materials here. If your massage chair is built in leather then you will need a more conservative approach of cleaning it. On the other hand, if it is a regular model then the cleaning process is also pretty simple. Let’s start with the tough process.

If you have leather or at least a heavy material that covers the massage chair then you have to be pretty cautious when you are cleaning the model. One good strategy is to dry wash your massage chair once in a while. If you have a good enough dry wash machine, you can do it on your own. Another strategy is to use a hand held vacuum cleaner to clean the whole machine from top to the bottom. This will be easier and this will not cause you troubles either.

There are professional companies though who take care of the cleaning of massage chairs if required. If you feel like your chair is gone to dogs and the only way to make it alive again is by properly cleaning it both from inside and outside, you should hire one of those companies. They work in two different approaches. Either they will come and collect the massage chair to clean it to their warehouse where they will take the chair apart to clean it. Or there are some in house services that come and do that in your home.

Always remember that you should clean your massage chair at least once in every month to make sure that the chair stays fine long enough. If you are not using the machine for a long period (for example, if you are going abroad or something similar), simply cover the chair with an air tight plastic cover. Those are pretty available to find.

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