Kahuna Massage Chair Complete Review

kahuna massage chair

In the beginning I have to say that a quality massage is probably the most efficient way to have a rest in modern days. I have been studying the market of massage chair for a while now and I can tell that Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) is the best one you can find in this price range. The chair’s second name is Hani which means simply ‘happy’ in Hawaiian and that is pretty much what the massage chair does: makes the user a bit happier. It is a multifunctional shiatsu-styled massage chair with a small profile which suits perfectly in a room with small dimensions. The people who listen music a lot would absolutely adore this one, because it has high quality 3D surrounding full bass controlled Bluetooth speakers. Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) is an orthopedic masterpiece. It affects your whole body even the blood vessels. Kahuna chair reduces tiredness, stimulates the blood circulation and relaxes muscles.


The lovely chair is 36.2” height, 25” wide and 39,7” long. It is a really compact chair. Also it is light: only 77 pounds. Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200)’s rated voltage, frequency and power consumption are 110V, 60Hz, 230W max respectively.


First thing what comes to mind when you look at Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) is the way it is constructed. The chair has a shape of a half dome. Kahuna is a compact chair, but the Design is really stylish. It is minimalistic and ergonomic (not like other chairs that seem like to stuck in 90s). The chair is available in 2 colors: red-black and brown-black. It is built with a high quality leather material. I have to say it is a very beautiful chair.

The massage process

So let’s get the most important part: the massage process. The chair is built to massage your shoulders, the whole back (from neck to the buttlocks) and also thighs. Hani-2200 is specially designed with circle motion rollers for upper body. Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) has 6 rolling knots which massage the particular sections of your back. It does a full back massage and does it really softly which is very important for the people with back problems. The Japanese geniuses filled the chair with a technology of 1000-year-old shiatsu therapy. It can make you feel rested in couple of minutes. Also you can adjust directions and positions of the moving elements for the better deep-kneading massage experience. Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) has a heating option (near the coccyx) that mostly affects your lower back which will enhance your massage experience greatly. Of course the Japanese included the most recent technology of air massage, a common technique used by massage therapists to grip and squeeze large muscles firmly for a few seconds before releasing them. This helps to relieve tension in tight muscles, prompting them to relax. It is a method when your body is being massaged by the circulation of air inside the cushion. You will feel the comfort like never before.

The audio system

The full massage session can take some time, so the manufacturer placed 3D surrounding full bass controlled Bluetooth two speakers at the top and one on the back side of the chair. You can control the sound using the control box or remote controller. The sound is surprisingly good, it is comparable with the world leaders in audio industry such as Sony and Pioneer. Absolutely love them.

Remote control

Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) has a remote control system which allows you to turn on/off every single moving part, speakers’ volume, the heat system and the air massage system.


  • How do I play the music using the speakers? – The Speakers have a Bluetooth adapter, so you can control it through your Phone.
  • How do I clean my chair? –  You can vacuum any loose dirt or dust, then gently wipe with a water dampened sponge or cloth rag.
  • Can anyone use the chair? – Children under 16, pregnant women should not use the chair, because it can dramatically influence their health. Also people who has had back surgery should ask their physician before using it.


Price. You will not find any other chair that has this many options (shiatsu, heat, air massage technologies and lovely speakers) and is under $1000.

Design. Sure, every man to his own taste. But I believe such minimalistic and kind of futuristic design impresses everyone.

Profile. Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) is compact and light. You can easily place it in your room.

Multifunctionality. A lot of options + an ability to turn off/on each moving part.


Weight and height limits. Probably the only weakness is that the chair can only deal with 6’2’’ and 240 lbs adult max.

Final Words

In the conclusion I have to say everything in this chair is made by known professionals that construct massage chairs for almost 20 years. Compact Kahuna Massage Chair (HANI-2200) was built with the use of the most recent technologies on the market and with a great price-quality ratio.

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