Zero Gravity Space Saving L Track Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Space Saving L Track Kahuna Massage Chair

There are many options for you available in the market when you are looking for a zero gravity massage chair. But as always choosing the best one is very much tricky and crucial. Also no single product is the best, the modern technology is being upgraded everyday and new features are being integrated with products. You must know what you need and where you are flexible. Here we will be discussing about Zero Gravity Space Saving L Track Kahuna Massage Chair.

First you should know is it really the right one you are looking for? The answer is pretty simple, if the answer is affirmative, this Kahuna massage chair LM6800 is one of the best massage chairs. This one offers two levels of zero gravity stats and that make this product an outstanding one in its category. This massage chair is very sturdy and comfortable for everyday use. It covers all over the body from heads to toe. The chair is designed to be able to treat different body parts in different way for the ultimate satisfaction. This Kahuna massage chair LM6800 looks elegant and the interior structure has a durable steel frame. The L-track system of rollers will relax the full body. This is one of high end massage chairs that you can buy at a pretty affordable price. This combination of all the features and the price has made it a really popular massage chair. Take this as an important suggestion, before buying any massage chair think of any feature that is going to be the actually deal maker. It will make your life much easier in taking the decision.

Zero Gravity Space Saving L Track Kahuna Massage Chair

Key features of Zero Gravity Space Saving L Track Kahuna Massage Chair

  • Zero gravity: This is an amazing advancement of technology and probably the most advanced technology that will offer your body the ultimate relaxation. One can enjoy the massage most while in a zero gravity stat. This position helps to spread the weight across the chair and thus makes you fell weightless. All the stress will gradually disappear in this position and then you start to feel a more intense massage experience. To give you an effective therapeutic effect, Kahuna massage chair LM6800 gets fully reclined and your legs get higher than your heart level.
  • Yoga stretch: The yoga stretch is another interesting feature. It allows a full body stretch that focuses on legs and pelvis. This is specifically designed to remove the toxins and bad elements from your body. The greatest thing is that you can use this program combined with regular massage session.
  • L-track system: To support your neck all the way to your buttocks, this L-track system is designed. Kahuna massage chair LM6800 has the longest massage track of its kind. This is a feature of the massage chair those are very expensive. This Kahuna massage chair LM6800 is most probably the most affordable massage chair with the great feature.
  • Body scan technology: All high end massage chair must have a body scan technology. In order to customize the massage based on need, it will map your body first to get the idea on shape. Regardless the size of your body, no matter you are small or big, short or tall, this Kahuna massage chair LM6800 adjusts everything according to your need. It needs only a few minutes to map the body and then it preserves the data in the database.
  • Air massage technology: Usually you will find that the high end massage chairs have more airbags. It is a common perception that more airbags assure the better quality. This maybe partially true for a wide range of massage chair. But Kahuna massage chair LM6800 has amazing construction will only a few numbers of airbags and that manages to cover the surface of your body. The airbags are programmed individually so that they automatically inflate and deflate to give your body a deep stretch. This applies to the thighs, lower back, and shoulders also. So it can cover the whole body even with a small numbers of airbags.
  • Shiatsu program: There is a Japanese massage techniques called shiatsu. This sues fingers, thumbs and palm pressure for proper stretching, joint mobilization and manipulation. You can get the exact same experience here in Kahuna massage chair LM6800 that you could get from an expert shiatsu masseur.
  • Foot massages: Kahuna massage chair LM6800 has rollers to massage your legs and feet. You must know how relaxing the foot massage is. Due to lots of hard work they get stressed and they need really good treatment. The rollers of the Kahuna massage chair LM6800 stimulate the acupunctures. Combined with the airbags this will provide you a deep and more relaxing massage.
  • Heat therapy: for lower back and calves this massage chair has heat therapy. Dilating the blood vessels of lumbar spine, this heat improves blood circulation across the body. This increases the flow of nutrients and this heal damaged tissue.


Overall Impression

While researching the customers review, we were observing surprisingly there is no negative review. Very few of them were complaining about the assembling issue. But it can be overlooked if you follow the manual properly. Also they have very helping customer care, so in case of such problem you will get instant solution. There is no issue about the quality and the service of this Kahuna massage chair LM6800.

Considering the features of the massage chair, the price is very balanced. You will find the same features in some very high end massage chairs and for that you will have to pay few hundred dollars more. Especially the L track roller features, shiatsu techniques etc are found in some really expensive massage chairs. Overall this is a very decent massage chair and undoubtedly a very popular one. Kahuna massage chair LM6800 is very easy to use and the features you are getting at this price will make this a very smart purchase that you will never regret for.

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